Connecting a Community


Otley 2030 is committed to Connecting the Community, so that all residents of Otley have a voice in how we make a just transition to a more sustainable future. 

We will continuously try to engage local people to find out: What kind of town do YOU want Otley to be?

How you can get involved:

It is important that we hear from as many people in Otley as possible about their vision of what Otley should be like in 2030. Please take our survey and let us know your thoughts. 

We will be running a series of online sessions throughout January where we will invite local residents to contribute their opinions on how Otley can thrive in the next decade. 


We have divided the five sessions by ward, but if you live elsewhere and can't make the session for your ward then please feel free to sign up for another one.

You can just turn up on the evening, but it would be helpful if you could email (hello@otley2030.com) us to let us know that you plan to attend.


We would have loved to be able to do these sessions in person, but the current uncertainty over restrictions has meant that we've decided to do them online. However, if you can't access the necessary technology, or would just prefer to meet us in person, then please let us know.

All sessions will start at 7:30pm and last approximately 1 hour.


Ashfield                Wednesday 5th January            Zoom Link             

Danefield             Thursday 6th January                 Zoom Link              Passcode: 939027

Manor                    Thursday 13th January               Zoom Link              Passcode: 348470

Prince Henry       Monday 17th January                  Zoom Link              Passcode: 391072

West Chevin        Thursday 20th January              Zoom Link              Passcode: 628600