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Otley Nature Network


The Otley Nature Network (ONN) was set up by Otley 2030 in 2021 in order to bring together local key stakeholder to develop a joined-up strategy to tackle the Biodiversity Crisis locally. Meetings are held bi-monthly and are usually attended by representatives from nature groups, businesses, landowners, and local government. If you would like to get involved, please email

In November 2022 the ONN released it's much anticipated Nature Recovery Plan at an event attended by local politicians, school children, and ecologists. The key note speaker was TV entomologist George McGavin. George also wrote the forward to the NRP, which you can read by clicking on the image below.

East Wood
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Otley 2030 and Climate Action Leeds have been successful in securing funding from UK Research and Innovation to carry out a pilot study looking at how communities can lead on research in their towns, and then use the knowledge they have gathered to create change.

Otley have chosen nature as their area of focus, as there is already a thriving community of nature lovers in the town.

Community-led Research Network


Weston Woods

Otley 2030 are thrilled to announce that we, together with our partners including Menston Area Nature Trust, Wildlife Friendly Otley, Climate Action Ilkley, Addingham Environmental Group, Yorkshire Rewilding Network, Wharfedale Naturalists, Woodland Savers, and Protect Earth (the Friends of Weston Woods), have been successful in our bid to secure the Weston Woods, for nature, for community, forever.

We also have to thank the wonderful philanthropist Julia Davies of We Have The Power, who has lent MANT a significant loan which enabled us to put in a competitive bid in a very short time.


So THANK YOU for all your support so far but the hard work continues – we need to pay back the loan as soon as possible, so Julia Davies can lend it to other projects like ours, and we also have to pay 20% VAT and lawyers fees for starters, so please keep donating and spreading the word! 


Please note we will get more of your donation if you use the 'Donate Directly' button below, than through the Crowdfunder site, it will direct you to our partner's  site (Menston Area Nature Trust).

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