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Youth Climate Manifesto

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Otley 2030 - a community

creating a better world

We want to get more teenagers and young people involved in the Otley 2030 community and with what we do.

Teenagers will be in control of our future world so it's us who will be affected most by the climate crisis and we who can make the most change!


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Climate Protest

Youth Climate Manifesto

Otley 2030 is looking for eager and engaged students to work with them over the summer holidays to produce a Climate Manifesto that we can then present to local politicians and the media to show what young people want for their town and their future.

Do you want to:


  • Learn more about sustainability and green 

  • Help shape the future of your town?

  • Produce a piece of work that will look great on your CV?

What’s involved?

  • 4 x weekly Zoom meetings (1 hr approx)

  • Talks from experts

  • Working in teams and individually


If you’re interested, please get permission from 
your parents/carers and send an email to (before 8th August)

Browsing Vintage Shirts

Pre-loved bargains

Otley 2030 is organising its first ever second-hand clothes sale!

The sale is being organised by our team of young Otley 2030 volunteers. They are keen to address the problems associated with ‘fast fashion’ by selling quality, pre-loved items and normalising wearing second-hand clothes.

We’re looking for donations of:

  • Adult, teen and children’s clothes

  • Shoes and accessories

All donations must be washed and in a wearable condition. No jumble (or underwear) thank you! Please don’t donate textile bin/unwearable items as we will have to dispose of these responsibly.

All profits for youth projects in Otley.

Please start collecting your donations and once we have a drop off point and date, we’ll let you know.

Saturday 9th July, 9:30-12, at the Chippendale Centre

£1 entry. Quality, low-price items guaranteed!

Clothes sale
Youth Climate Manifesto
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