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Youth Climate Manifesto

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Otley 2030 - a community

creating a better world

We want to get more teenagers and young people involved in the Otley 2030 community and with what we do.

Teenagers will be in control of our future world so it's us who will be affected most by the climate crisis and we who can make the most change!


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Act and Reflect

A youth theatre project researching climate action and its impact on young people in Otley.

Are you a young person in Otley?

Do you feel like your voice isn't being listened to?

Are you interest in using the arts to get your message across?

If the answer to all of these questions is "YES", or even "maybe", then join us in September 2024, as we work with experienced youth theatre practitioners from the University of Leeds to deliver a 12 week theatre programme on Tuesday evenings.

Email for more details.

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Young People

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