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 Our Projects

We're 'Connecting a Community'

Otley 2030 is committed to Connecting our Community, so that all residents of Otley have a voice in how we make a just transition to a more sustainable future. 

We will continuously try to engage local people to find out: What kind of town do YOU want Otley to be?

How you can get involved:


Fruit and Veg Box Campaign

In late 2020, in response to the ongoing pandemic, and to Marcus Rashford’s ‘End Child Food Poverty’ campaign, we began our Fruit and Veg box project.


We currently deliver boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables, each school holiday, to between 120 and 140 households. We do our best to support every family, vulnerable adult and older person in the town who is struggling.


We don’t see this as charity – it’s more about showing solidarity for our neighbours. We plan to continue as long as is necessary. We hope that by 2030 the situation for the members of our community who currently need our support will find themselves in better circumstances than they do today.

Fruit and Veg

East of Otley Development

In 2021 the Otley East Consortium put forward an unsustainable plan for 700+homes and a relief road on the outskirts of Otley. It is the largest local development for decades and it is of huge importance to all members of the Otley community. The plan is currently in stasis and a further consultation is expected in autumn 2022.

The East of Otley Action Group (EOAG) was formed to hold the developers to account. Along with Otley 2030, and working with Otley Town Council and Alex Sobel MP, EOAG are committed to bringing the whole town together to ensure that the Otley Neighbourhood Plan is respected along with regional and national commitments to tackle the climate, biodiversity and inequality crises that we face.

Otley 2030 are currently working on an alternative exemplar development for the site. Check out our dedicated page for more info....

East of Otley

Festival of Kindness 2021

From Friday 24th September to Sunday 26th September 2021 we held Otley's first ever Festival of Kindness.

We want to create a legacy to remind people that even when we feel threatened ourselves, we can find the resources to look outwards and offer support.


Themes for our first festival were ‘Kindness to Self’, ‘Kindness to Others’ and ‘Kindness to the Planet’, and there were activities suitable for all ages; including music, dance, wellness sessions, storytelling, writing workshops, book swaps, crafting, pop-up theatre and a range of speakers from local, national, and international organisations. 

Highlights included:

  • The Opening Ceremony at Wharfemeadows Park (see image to right), with choir leader Thanda

  • The Youth Concert at Otley Social Club on the back of which the Woolpack Studios have set up bi-monthly concerts for young musicians in Otley

  • The Keynote Talk from Jeremy Lent and Paul Chatterton. Please check out the video on our Youtube channel

Festival of Kindness
Jeremy Lent
Youth Concert
Wildlife Friendly Otley
Festival silliness
Access to greenspaces
Youth Concert
Youth Concert
Youth Concert
Opening Ceremony
Redwood River Band
Drumming Workshop
CJ Smith
Make it Wild
Asylum Monologues

Otley Nature Network

The ONN became a part of the Otley 2030 vision during winter 2020. Our aim is to reverse biodiversity loss in Otley, and beyond. A network of diverse organisations, including Wildlife Friendly Otley, Wharfedale Naturalists, Yorkshire Rivers Trust, Natural England will co-ordinate biodiversity action and promote enjoyment of nature, sharing expertise and supporting one another so that we can bring about change through amplifying ongoing positive work and identifying new opportunities.

Every government for the last 20 years has claimed that they will reverse wildlife decline, but each has failed. It’s up to us to bring about this ambitious transformation today. We must provide our children with a rich and resilient natural environment, in turn inspiring them to face future challenges with compassion and imagination.

Nature Network
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