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Enterprise Car Club in Otley

There is now an Enterprise Car Club vehicle in North Parade Car Park (known locally as Licks). This is a Toyota Hybrid. We are asking people to complete our survey to help us get an understanding of how successful this is likely to be in Otley. We’re hoping that that the scheme will prove successful, which will lead to Enterprise deploying more cars in Otley.

 The Context

As you will all be aware, we are in a Climate Emergency and transport, particularly cars, is a major contributor to carbon emissions. Traffic is also very bad in Otley and domestic streets are clogged up with parked vehicles. On average, an Enterprise Car takes six other cars off the road.

The Cost

You will have to pay a £10 registration fee, but this will go towards your first rental.

Upfront Cost:                                      £6.71 per hour

                                                            £27.14 per day


Additional rate per mile:                    27p for petrol/hybrid

                                                            14p for electric


So, to rent the vehicle for a day and have a 100 mile round trip, you will be looking at a cost of about £54.

How does this compare to owning a private car?

Including insurance, purchase price, running costs, fuel, servicing etc, the average UK car costs about 47p a mile to run, as this link shows. Click here for a breakdown of the cost of owning and driving your own car in the UK. This City Nerd video also gives a good explanation, albeit in a US context.


On a simple comparison, there is no benefit in Enterprise, but there are other factors to consider.


Reasons to use Enterprise if you need a car:

·       No unexpected bills on the maintenance or damage to your car

·       Light car users will benefit from not having a large layout on a vehicle.

·       No more worrying about parking and clearer streets.

·       Cheaper than car rental or taxis

·       Great for reducing on your carbon footprint


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